This Privacy Policy And Notice On Protection Of Personal Data (“Privacy Policy”) sets forth the provisions regarding the processing and use of personal data obtained from the application users (“Data Subject”) during the execution of the Hadi Quiz Show mobile application (“Application” or “App”) by the Vipme İnternet Bilişim Hizmetleri Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Company”) or the data obtained by the company during the use of the application in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”).

The Data Subject hereby declares that the Company has fulfilled its Obligation to Inform for the processing of personal data and has consented to the use of his/her personal data as described herein.


Which Data Are Processed?

The categories listed below refer to the personal data of the Data Subject being processed by the Company.

During the use of the Application by the Data Subject, the Company is able to obtain information about this use through a cookie, which is a technical communication file. IP information is collected through a cookie to determine the access and use habits of the services provided in the application.

Under the provisions of Articles 3 and 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law, irrevocably anonymized data shall not be considered as personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Law and shall carry out the processing activities relating to this data without being bound by the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


For Which Purposes Are the Data Used?

The personal data provided by the Data Subject are used by the Company for the following purposes:

For the purpose of carrying out; the work required by the business units, the relevant business processes to benefit the people from the products and services offered by the Company, the necessary work by the relevant business units and the related business processes in order to realize the commercial activities carried out by the Company and the planning and execution of commercial and/or business strategies of the Company;

Within the scope of the purposes of planning and executing the


Within the scope of the purposes of planning and executing the activities necessary for the promotion of the products and services offered by the Company to people according to their taste, usage habits and needs;

In accordance with Articles 5 and 8 of the Law and/or in the presence of exceptions in the relevant legislation, the personal data of the Data Subject can be processed and shared by third parties without the consent of the Data Subject. Some of these situations are as follows:

- third-party sponsors

- the business and solution partners of the Company, limited to the fulfillment of the establishment objectives of the partnership and ensuring the execution of commercial activities,

- advertisers of the Company,

- those who wish to benefit from analytical services that may occur in the future,

- institutions providing performance measurement,

- third parties who will be awarder,

- suppliers and service providers,

- research firms,

- in case of legal requests, it is necessary to share with the relevant authorities and affiliates.

As mentioned above, the Company may use cookies (Cookies) including segmentation used for analytical purposes and marketing cookies  and in this context, the Company will be able to process the data and transfer it to third parties in order to be processed within the scope of the analysis services provided by third parties and to be used only to the extent required by these analysis services. Said technical communication files are small text files that are sent to the device for storage in the main memory. The technical communication file facilitates the use of the Internet by storing status and preference settings for a website or device. The technical communication file is used to obtain statistical information for determining user behavior, such as how many people use websites and/or mobile applications in terms of timewise, how many times a person visits a website and/or for what purpose, how many times, and how long. In addition, the technical communication file is designed and used to help generate ads and content from user pages that are specifically designed for users. The technical communication file is not designed to receive any other personal data from the main memory. Most browsers are designed to accept the technical communication file in the first place, but users can always change the browser settings so that the technical communication file does not appear, or the warning message is sent when the technical communication file is sent.


Who Is the Data Transferred To?

The Company can share the personal data of the Data Subject and the new data obtained by using this personal data with the below mentioned ones in order to realize the objectives stated in this Privacy Policy;

-Company's business partners which provide services such as payment and advertising,

-Bank and other payment system providers and their independent auditors,

-BRSA (banking regulation and supervision agency),

-External source service providers,

-Service providers,

-Law offices,

-Research companies,

-To third parties, such as call centers and companies providing sponsorship under the application,

- Where necessary, the judicial and administrative judicial authorities,

- To public institutions and organizations (limited to the purpose of providing such services).

The Company will also be able to transmit the Personal Data of the Data Subject to the public institutions and private individuals for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the Law.


Data Collection Method and Legal Reason

The Company electronically collects personal data provided by the Data Subject on the Application or through third parties on the basis of various legal grounds to use it for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and within the context of the personal data processing requirements/purposes set forth in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law.


About Right to Access Data and Correction Requests

The Data Subject has the right to contact the Company and request that/ask that/request;

The Data Subject will be able to send the above-mentioned requests to "" in writing. According to the nature of the demand, the Company shall communicate its justified positive/negative response within 30 (thirty) days as stipulated in the Law. The Company may finalize the requests submitted to it in accordance with the rights of the Data Subject above, in writing or digital media as it deems appropriate. It is essential that there is no charge for the necessary transactions related to the requests. However, if the transactions require a cost, it is possible to charge a fee on the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority in accordance with Article 13 of the Law.

The Data Subject agrees that the subject information in this Privacy Policy is complete, accurate, and up-to-date and will be updated immediately if there is any change in this information. The Company shall not have any responsibility if the Data Subject has not provided the current information.

The Data Subject acknowledges that if he/she makes a request that will result in the failure to use any personal data by the Company, he/she may not be able to fully benefit from the functioning of the Application and declares that he/she shall be responsible for all such responsibilities.


Duration of Storing Personal Data

The Company shall keep the personal data provided by the Data Subject for the period required for the above-mentioned processing purposes.

In addition, the Company shall be able to retain personal data if any disputes that may arise between the Data Subject and the Company in order to achieve the necessary defenses within the scope of the dispute. And the Company also retain them during the statutory limitation periods specified in accordance with the applicable legislation.


Data Security Measures and Commitments

The Company undertakes to take the necessary technical and administrative measures and to carry out the necessary audits to ensure the appropriate level of security to ensure/to ensure that;

under the conditions set out in the relevant legislation or stated in this Privacy Policy.

The Company shall not disclose the personal data obtained from the Data Subject to anyone else in contradiction with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the Law and may not use it other than for the purpose of processing.

In case of linking to other websites and applications via the application, the Company does not have any responsibility for the privacy policies and contents of these applications.

Although the Company has taken all measures arising from the Law on the protection of personal data, the Company will not be held liable for damages suffered by the data owners due to the unpredictable and unintended cyber-attack, the crash of the data recording system, the heavy destruction of the servers due to force majeure such as earthquake, flood, fire etc.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company may change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time. The current Privacy Policy shall be effective on the date of submission to the Data Subject by any ways.